Top Soil: A Catalyst for Better Health and Nutrition

Everything begins and ends with the soil. Unfortunately, close to 70% of it has been lost since the dawn of the agricultural revolution. Since the onset of the Green Revolution only half a decade ago, we´re getting rid of it faster than ever. Besides the ecocide that the loss of topsoil entails, it also is a major threat to our health.

Carbon Farming: An Introduction

Carbon Sequestration is a fancy scientific term that denotes the storage of carbon in a stable solid form. Carbon sequestration occurs when plants have chemical reactions that turn the carbon dioxide gas into inorganic compounds such as calcium and magnesium.

Los Cedros Under Threat – Film

Friends, the Los Cedros Biological Reserve is under serious threat. The Ecuadorean government has secretly signed a mining agreement covering Los Cedros and other “protected” areas with the Canadian company “Cornerstone Capital Resources inc”, a large speculative fund which doesn´t do any mining itself but employs local small time operators until the big sell off to some real mining company.

Soil Carbon – Can it Save Agriculture’s Bacon?

“The best national health policy would be a national soils policy. But we don’t have one,” says Dr. Christine Jones. “Rebuilding soil productivity via the restoration of natural carbon flow and the sequestration of stable soil carbon is the only means of saving agriculture’s bacon – and ensuring a future for human society as we know it.”