Regrarians: Changing the ‘Climate of the Mind’

We talked with Darren and Lisa at last year’s fifth REX convention in Sierra Gorda, Mexico in May 2016. In this interview, Darren and Lisa walk us through the principles and methodologies behind the Regrarians platform, Regrarians as a tool for farmers to mitigate climate change, the climate of the mind and how Keyline is a game changer.

From Designing Biomedical Devices to Harvesting Spinach: Interview with Yosef Camire

Yosef Camire used to be a biomedical engineer. Today he is pulling beets, harvesting spinach and making compost on his family’s regenerative vegetable farm in Peyton, Colorado, USA. RI recently interviewed Yosef to learn more about his experience as a regenerative farmer, the challenges small-scale farmers face and how we need more regenerative farmers.