Tanzania, Kongwa district
Jeska Lemabi, is fifty-five years old, sowing Groundnuts. His man, Raphael Lemabi is the owner of the field. 
This variety of peanut is cultivated mixed with other local species following the technique of mixed culture. Is based on planting additional species in the same plot, thus increasing soil fertility and a better harvest.

Change the food system, not the climate!

Agriculture and the whole food system play a decisive role and must be at the centre of the debate on climate change. Food production is one of the main causes – and victims – of climate change, and could also be­come one of the solutions.


Cambiamento climatico e sistema alimentare

Con questo documento di posizione Slow Food intende presentare la correlazione tra il sistema alimentare e gli attuali cambiamenti climatici e descrivere le vie possibili per affrontare la crisi climatica attraverso le pratiche eco-sostenibili da adottare durante l’intera catena alimentare, “dalla terra al piatto.”