Is Soil our Secret Weapon Against Climate Change?

Soil is one of a farmer’s greatest assets. It is a critical component of the farming system, making a vital contribution to food security, effective water and energy utilization. An efficient use of soil can deliver multiple benefits in addition to mitigating climate change effects.

Sustainable Incentives: How Not to Eat the Planet

Consumers are important in shaping food distribution systems and value chains. We also need a better understanding of how public policies and investments can offer stronger incentives, creating a road map to help smallholders deliver more sustainably and capture more of the value of their products. That is a global public good we all can share in.

Reframing Agriculture In The Climate Change Discussion

By shifting from degenerative agriculture to a system more in harmony with nature, we can rejuvenate soil, grasslands and forests; replenish water; promote food sovereignty; and restore public health and prosperity — all while cooling the planet by drawing down billions of tons of excess carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil where it belongs.

The Next Agriculture Revolution Is Under Our Feet

The good news is that while it may take hundreds of years to geologically build soil, farmers have demonstrated that they can increase organic matter and improve soil function in just a few years, through soil health management systems. This represents the hope in healthy soil — the potential of regenerative agriculture.