Local Farmers Sowing Seeds of Carbon Farming

There is a climate-change solution that can take root at the local level which can actually reverse climate change by at least 40 percent. By changing the way we grow food, we can actually draw down carbon from the atmosphere and put it to good use where it belongs: In the soil. Call it carbon farming.


Putting A Dollar Value On Ecosystems

How do you put a dollar value on something that in some ways is priceless? Like the Mona Lisa? Or biodiversity?Researchers in a new paper try to do just that — with one specific ecosystem service, provided by grasslands: soil carbon storage.


Healthy Soil Is the Real Key to Feeding the World

Conventional farming practices that degrade soil health undermine humanity’s ability to continue feeding everyone over the long run. Regenerative practices like those used on the farms and ranches I visited show that we can readily improve soil fertility on both large farms in the U.S. and on small subsistence farms in the tropics.


Is Soil the Great New Integrator?

For farming and sustainable development, “improving soil health is like growing an asset,” West said. “Soil that stays on the farm is also great for keeping our rivers clean of sediment, pesticides, and fertilizers. Cover crops, stream buffers, and other management practices to hold soil in place also provide wildlife habitat and pulls carbon dioxide out of the air and stores it in the ground.”