General Mills Partners with Organic Valley

General Mills will launch the Organic & Regenerative Agriculture Transition Council to bring together sustainable agriculture leaders, farmers and industry stakeholders to advance organic and regenerative agricultural practices.

Beyond Carbon Metrics

Instead of changing our economic system to make it fit within the natural limits of the planet, we are redefining nature so that it fits within the economic system.

New Label Soon for Grass-Fed Milk and Yogurt

When you’re shopping for grass-fed meats or dairy, there are a handful of labels you may see, each with slightly different standards. That’s why grass-fed dairy producers are striving to reach an agreement on industry-wide standards and one grass-fed label for dairy.

Climate Change: The Ground-level Solution

Climate change is not only a major challenge, but a major opportunity to think differently about how we grow and eat food, how we define community, and what our hopes and aspirations are for the future.