Sustainable Living Weekend at Hazelcombe Farm


Date(s): 04/13/2018 - 04/15/2018
Time: All Day

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Event by: Hazelcombe Farm

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About: Come to the autumn “Sustainable Living Weekend” at “Hazelcombe Farm” in beautiful Totnes Valley near Mudgee, NSW, Australia.
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The “Sustainable Living Weekend” is a weekend of relaxed learning where you receive an introduction into lots of different skills that can prepare you for a life of increased self-reliance and sustainability. These include traditional crafts as well as some new technologies. A number of skilled craftsmen and women contribute.
Here is a list of the some of the topics we’ve had at various weekends. The actual list is only finalised in the last week or so before each weekend as it depends on scheduling and availability of the skilled craftsmen and women.

• Farming and gardening skills (soil rehabilitation, holistic orchard management, water harvesting and creek restoration)
• Working with animals (milking goats)
• Kitchen skills (making cheeses, breads and Sauerkraut)
• Building useful structures (root cellar and chicken tractors)
• Artisan skills (blacksmithing and woodworking)
Camping & delicious organic food from the farm included.
Watch these videos to find out more:
• “Garden of Adon – Re-creating Eden with everyone”
• “One Million Star Accommodation – the Hazelcombe Farm story”
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