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Market Rejection of GMOs Grows — Four-Year Plan to Topple Toxic Agriculture

Our annual GMO Awareness Week is upon us, and in this interview, Ronnie Cummins, founder of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) details the current state of the opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

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Mitigation Update: Agriculture and Soil Management in the Spotlight

Soil management could “make or break” climate change mitigation efforts, according to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO).


Our Current Food System Is Broken and Unjust—we Need a Paradigm Shift That Values Nutrition As a Human Right

Although it may at the moment be true that there’s enough food ‘around’, the system which currently produces that food is not ecologically sustainable into the future. It’s not just that this system is failing but, more fundamentally, it is actually its successes which are eroding our future.


Using Soil to Fight Climate Change

In addition to keeping fossil fuels in the ground, we also need to remove excess CO2 from the air. Anything less is a prescription for disaster.


Our Cotton Colonies

In These Times followed the cotton life cycle from the fields of Burkina Faso to the factories of Bangladesh to the sales racks of Slovenia. Along the way, we spoke with the people who make the shirts, jeans and countless other items you wear every day, to understand the real wages of cotton.

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Rethink Soil: A Roadmap to U.S. Soil Health

Healthy soils can deliver tangible economic and environmental benefits for U.S. farmers, businesses and communities for generations to come.


Sink It or Lose It: The Carbon Trade-off

We must take advantage of the ability to sink carbon in soil if we are to meet the Paris climate targets.


The Business Case for Soil

The business world must get to grips with dirt. Soil provides food, fibres and fuels, and regulates water resources and climate. Yet most businesses are unaware that their bottom lines depend on soil; nor are they aware of the risks they face from its degradation. More must recognize that improving soil quality is a smart investment.


Soil Management Could Make or Break Climate Change Response Efforts

This week’s Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon is bringing together the science, policy and land-use community to build momentum behind preserving soil organic carbon and re-carbonizing degraded soils.


Teenager Is on Track to Plant a Trillion Trees

Today, Finkbeiner is 19—and Plant-for-the-Planet, the environmental group he founded, together with the UN’s Billion Tree campaign, has planted more than 14 billion trees in more than 130 nations. The group has also pushed the planting goal upward to one trillion trees—150 for every person on the Earth.