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When Climate Change Makes It Hard to Breathe

Climate change isn’t just contributing to drought, super-storms, sea level rise and flooding. It’s also making it harder for many people to breathe, like 13-year-old Estefany Velasquez. Her family faced a tough choice because of her asthma.

Experiencing a Healthy Ecosystem in Spanish Altiplano

The differences in the soil in natural areas in comparison to ploughed, farmed fields is stark. Farmed soil is very pale, a sign that there is barely any carbon or organic matter left in it. Soil from the natural area is much darker, a sign that it is healthier. This inspired me to want to multiply the amount of space with healthy soil exponentially, something that the camps have set out to achieve.

The Ground Beneath Our Feet

We treat our soil like dirt. By growing food and storing carbon dioxide and water, the loam and peat that coats the earth sustains us all. In return, we till it, treat it with chemicals and generally walk all over it. Without healthy soil, food becomes less nutritious and crops become harder to grow. If the crops aren’t healthy, then the 70 percent of the world’s fresh water that’s used for agriculture will be wasted.

Could Young Organic Farmers Stop Climate Change?

The next generation of organic farmers doesn’t just want to grow food-they want a better food system. And they need our help.

Eating From Trees

There was a time when lots of our vegetables came from trees in our backyard or that of the neighbours. May be it is time we revisited those days. Imagine if we got our veggies from trees just like we do our fruits.

Why Fungi Rule the World

Mycorrhizal fungi also have an outsize role in the decomposition of dead plants and the release of carbon. And since Earth’s soil contains more than three times as much carbon as its atmosphere, what fungi do in the soil could dramatically affect climate change. One conclusion: humans have underestimated the humble fungi. Not Talbot. As she puts it, “Mycorrhizal fungi are running the world.”

‘Re(store) It’: Green America Launches Campaign On World Soil Day To Save The Earth … Literally

Green America today launched the Re(store) It campaign to educate the public and U.S. corporations about the benefits of regenerative agriculture, an approach to farming which uses methods that rejuvenate the soil and trap greenhouse gases.

Regenerative Agriculture Is Essential to Our Sustainability Goals

In amongst all the worrying trends and ominous signals that keep us on our toes at Forum for the Future, the potential for the world’s soils to suck up some of the excess carbon that’s currently making mischief in the atmosphere shines as a genuine ray of hope.

Geoengineering: Pseudoscience at COP23

Thousands of people in the green, blue and cyan zones of COP23 are afraid. And fear, as we know, is a bad adviser, mainly because it opens the door to those who come with magical solutions, pseudoscience, and smoke and mirrors, those who are often the ones who created the problem in the first place.