Fashion Waste Poised to Become Environmental Crisis

Industry experts estimate people wear their clothes for less than three years before discarding them. You may reduce pollution from your clothing by purchasing brands that take steps to clean their supply chain, being mindful how you wash your clothes and installing a microfiber filter in your washing machine.

OCA and the True Potential of Organic Cotton

A prosperous organic cotton sector benefits everyone—from farmer to consumer. To realize the sector’s potential, we need to bring about the conditions that will allow the crop that safeguards the environment and enhances farmer livelihoods to flourish.

Towards a Climate-beneficial Wardrobe

While “ethical” clothing is a good start, there’s so much further that we could potentially go. A regenerative, regional textile system could revitalize local economies and rural livelihoods, reconnect farmers, weavers, designers, and wearers in a mutually supportive web of relationships, take toxins out of our waterways and off our skins, and provide us with beautiful, durable garments far more meaningful than the $5 t-shirt that gets tossed after a few months.

‘I Get Sick Every Time I Go to Work’: American Airlines Flight Attendant Claims Her ‘sexy’ New Uniform Is Making Her Ill

Heather Poole, a 20-year crew member for the popular airliner, has been blogging in recent months about the adverse effects she claims she has experienced while sporting the company-issued suiting. In addition to flight attendants having issues with the clothing, American Airlines pilots have also complained about health issues they believe are being caused by the chemicals in the uniforms.

Superlative Alternative: Organic Cotton

Today, cotton is the second most used fiber in apparel manufacture, after synthetics. And I’ve found the subject of organic cotton one of the most frequently discussed when talking about sustainable fashion. Perhaps because it’s an easy concept to understand, in theory, and also because it is now widely accessible. But what does organic really mean when it comes to cotton?