The enormous threat to America’s last grasslands

North Dakota’s researchers are tallying the ecological cost of the state’s recent economic boom and warn that the ecosystem could be nearing a tipping point as corn and soybeans continue their march north into the last vast stretches of prairie pothole grassland in the eastern Dakotas — more than 90 percent of which is privately owned.

GMO decision honors Boulder County values

Boulder County’s decision to phase out GMOs on public land was an investment in regenerative agriculture, which many climate experts have agreed is our greatest chance to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and return it to our soils.

Will Allen & Michael Colby: Vermont’s GMO addiction – with or without a label

This is about more than the consumer’s right to know. It’s also about the impact GMO-centered agriculture is having on Vermont’s environment and wildlife, its role in the continued monopolization of the food supply, and the roadblocks it creates in the path toward a truly regenerative, eco-sensitive, and socially just form of agriculture in the state.

Anna Swaraj

“Anna Swaraj (Food Freedom) is the birthright of every Indian,” says Dr. Vandana Shiva. On January 30th 2016, Gandhi’s martyrdom day, Navdanya was joined by numerous Gandhian and farmers’ groups in the launch of the Satyagraha for Gandhi’s Ghani to defend nutrition rich traditional oils and boycott toxic soya oil being dumped on Indians through ‘Free Trade.’