How to Plant a Tree in the Desert

One way to restore degraded soil is to plant trees—lots of them. Jurriaan Ruys’s invention, which can be buried underground, contains a sapling, water, and beneficial fungi.

Saving America’s Broken Prairie

Compared to cropland, grasslands “harbor significantly greater plant, microbial, and animal diversity, and generate higher levels of nearly all agriculturally vital ecosystem services, including pest suppression and pollination.” To break prairie, then, is to dismantle the very supply chain that underpins American agricultural abundance.

The USDA Is Trying to Help Save Native Grassland in Ore

The USDA recently gave $225 million in federal funding to 88 environmental projects across the country, including a program in Oregon to help improve the soil health in Wallowa County, home to the Zumwalt Prairie, one of the last intact native grasslands of its kind in the United States.

Greening the Chihuahuan Desert

The footage of this video was taken last month at the end of the rainy season in the Chihuahuan Desert, the largest desert of North America. We are restoring the former grasslands that existed before while making this land productive using our cattle, thus giving hope to the people living there, to the wildlife, to the native grasses and plants, to the microorganisms.

Carbon Cache

California’s largest tribe is at the vanguard of a forward thinking program—designed to combat climate change—that is also helping them reclaim their past. The Yurok are making money by preserving large swaths of northern California’s forest, and reinvesting that income to conserve salmon habitat, reassemble their ancestral lands and preserve their culture.