Born to Rewild

Can re-introducing grazing herbivores in the arctic prevent permafrost from releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases? On a 14,000 hectare reserve in the Arctic town of Chersky, Russia, scientists are re-wilding the arctic with elk, moose, reindeer, horses and bison to bring back the once grass-dominated ecosystem.

Ruminants and methane: Not the fault of the animals

Grasslands need animals to stay healthy. Grasslands, when they are well managed with rotational grazing and adequate recovery time, pump carbon into the soil. Poorly managed pastures lose carbon. It is not the fault of the animals, it is the way humans are managing them.

Soil Carbon – Can it Save Agriculture’s Bacon?

“The best national health policy would be a national soils policy. But we don’t have one,” says Dr. Christine Jones. “Rebuilding soil productivity via the restoration of natural carbon flow and the sequestration of stable soil carbon is the only means of saving agriculture’s bacon – and ensuring a future for human society as we know it.”