Bill Mollison: The Birth of a Global Movement

In 1981, Bill Mollison, the co-founder of permaculture, won the Right Livelihood Award. This is his acceptance speech. It explains his motivations, how he began the global permaculture movement from nothing and his determination to find solutions amid ecological collapse.

The pulse of life

Celebrate the “International Year of Pulses” with Navdanya’s Pulse of Life Campaign. Pulses are truly the pulse of life: for the soil, for people and the planet.

Michael Pollan: What You Should Eat to Be Healthy

A new documentary from Kikim Media based on Michael Pollan’s bestselling book, In Defense of Food, helps consumers navigate a food system complicated by globalization and industrialization. Pollan advocates for a climate-friendly diet built on regenerative organic agriculture. This diet is not only essential for a healthy planet, but also essential for human health.

Soil Carbon – Can it Save Agriculture’s Bacon?

“The best national health policy would be a national soils policy. But we don’t have one,” says Dr. Christine Jones. “Rebuilding soil productivity via the restoration of natural carbon flow and the sequestration of stable soil carbon is the only means of saving agriculture’s bacon – and ensuring a future for human society as we know it.”

World Hunger: Ten Myths

Even though the global population more than doubled between 1961 and 2013, the world produces around 50 percent more food for each of us today—of which we now waste about a third.