Video: Restoring Paradise

At Mangarara, in New Zealand’s beautiful Hawke’s Bay, Greg Hart and his family are in the process of restoring 1500 acres of land conventionally farmed for over 150 years into the paradise it once was.

Adding Animals Adds Profit, Organic Matter for North Dakota Farm

“We must focus on regenerating our resources,” adds Brown. “We have a human health crisis in this country. Partially to blame is the fact that we have degraded our soil ecosystem. If we don’t have a healthy, functioning soil ecosystem, we cannot have nutrient-dense foods. We also have to focus on the soil to heal the carbon and water cycles.”

Regenerative Agriculture Can Save the Planet

Tom Newmark, Tim LaSalle, Andre Leu and other leaders in the movement discuss regenerative agriculture, as a way to rebuild soils, produce nutritious food and address the growing threat of climate change.