Anna Swaraj

“Anna Swaraj (Food Freedom) is the birthright of every Indian,” says Dr. Vandana Shiva. On January 30th 2016, Gandhi’s martyrdom day, Navdanya was joined by numerous Gandhian and farmers’ groups in the launch of the Satyagraha for Gandhi’s Ghani to defend nutrition rich traditional oils and boycott toxic soya oil being dumped on Indians through ‘Free Trade.’

The pulse of life

Celebrate the “International Year of Pulses” with Navdanya’s Pulse of Life Campaign. Pulses are truly the pulse of life: for the soil, for people and the planet.

Trade Deals Criminalise Farmers’ Seeds

Trade agreements have become a tool of choice for governments, working with corporate lobbies, to push new rules to restrict farmers’ rights to work with seeds.

Which Future of Food and Farming

During the last half-century, agriculture and food systems lost their way, in the darkness and fog created by corporations that made chemicals for warfare, through myths and paid propaganda – that poisons and synthetic chemicals are necessary to feed the world.

Bija Swaraj not Bt Raj : The Future is Organic, not GMOs

In this article, Dr. Vandana Shiva defends the right of the farmer to Bija Swaraj – Seed Sovereignty – to have their own seeds, their own knowledge, to shape their own markets, their future and strengthen India by strengthening India’s farmer communities.