100 Projects For The Climate


Building on the momentum of COP21, the French Ministry of the Environment launched the “100 Projects for the Climate” with goal of identifying and supporting 100 of the most innovative citizen-led solutions to combat global warming from around the world.

Are you working on an innovative solution for Climate Change?

Do you want to spread the word about your project and maybe attract funders? Or just connect with others who are working on their own climate solutions projects?

Now’s your chance. On Earth Day, April 22, the French Environment Minister, Ségolène Royal, launched “100 Projects for the Climate” with goal of accelerating the emergence of citizen-led initiatives to combat global warming.

The launch took place at the United Nations headquarters, where 100 countries came together on Earth Day to ratify the COP21 Climate Agreement. Individuals and groups with projects that offer effective and replicable solutions for combating climate change are encouraged to submit their projects by June 6th. After a citizen voting period, the 100 most-voted projects will be eligible for support and funding from the French Ministry of the Environment. Click here to register.

Who can participate?

•Local and grassroots projects that aim to solve climate change, led by an individual or group of individuals.

•Projects related to climate, including agriculture, biodiversity, community, economy, energy, food, transportation, oceans, water, waste, etc.

•Project already being implemented.

•Projects that have the potential to be replicated elsewhere and/or by others.

The Timeline

•April 22nd - June 6th : You can register your project here

•June 6th - July 6th : People from around the world can vote for their favorite projects. Winners will be eligible for support from the French Ministry of Environment.

•July 6th : The 100 projects with the most votes will be selected for support and promotion by the French Ministry of Environment

•Later this year, RI and Open Team, the platform hosting the “100 Projects for the Climate” will launch The Regenerative Hub. By registering your project, you will later be automatically linked to The Regeneration Hub, a collaborative platform for connecting individuals, organizations and projects related to the regeneration movement. Learn more about Open Team.

How can I get involved if I don’t have a project?

We invite you to reach out to your networks by email and social media to help us spread the word and identify eligible climate projects.

If you participate in this initiative, please say you heard about it from Regeneration International.