It’s a 2-acre farm, packed into a shipping container that doubles as a farm building

Author: Derek Markham

This plug-and-play farming system combines water-smart irrigation, renewable energy, and precision farming technology in a single shipping container that is said to be capable of supporting the cultivation of almost two and a half acres, using regenerative agriculture practices.

We’ve covered a few different approaches to the ‘farm in a box’ concept, but all of them so far have been built around the idea of growing the crops inside a shipping container, using hydroponics or aeroponics and artificial lighting. The Farm From A Box is quite a bit different, in that the farming takes place outside of the box, or shipping container, and the box itself, after the contents have been unpacked and deployed, becomes the hub of the farm infrastructure.

According to the company, this is a ‘turnkey farm kit’ that can be used to build a stronger local food system, especially in food deserts and in the developing world, where infrastructure can be spotty and unreliable at best, and possibly even non-existent. The system is described as being “food sovereignty in a box” that can be a “Swiss Army Knife” for off-grid farming, and while there is a basic template, each unit can be customized to fit the particular situation.