2018 Regeneration International

Asia Meeting and General Assembly

"Scaling Up the Regeneration Revolution"

Oct. 7th - 8th | Navdanya, Dehradun, India


Join Regeneration International at Vandana Shiva's biodiversity farm in India for our 2018 Asia Meeting and 3rd General Assembly. 

Dates: October 7 - 8, 2018

Location: Navdanya’s Biodiversity Conservation Farm outside of Dehradun, India.

For information on how to register and prepare for the conference, please review the information on this web page before completing your registration.

Registration fee: $200 USD

* Non-Indian nationals will need a visa to travel to India. See below for more information on obtaining a visa and travel.

Regeneration International will offer on-site, shared housing to the first 60 recipients who register and pay the registration fee.


Questions? Contact Rachel at rachel@regenerationinternational.org.


This year’s Assembly, “Scaling Up the Regeneration Revolution,” will bring together leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement from the RI network for a dynamic networking event focused on how to advance the global transition to regenerative food, farming and land use. We’ll discuss how the regeneration movement encompasses more than just climate change, but also has the potential to address the migration crisis, the farmer suicide crisis, political crises, the global corporate takeover of agriculture, gender equity, peace and social justice. This year’s general assembly will be conducted in English.

The 3rd RI General Assembly will take place directly following the International Biodiversity Congress, October 4 - 5, in Dehradun, India. We encourage everyone attending the RI General Assembly to also attend the International Biodiversity Congress.

The general assembly agenda will be posted soon.


Navdanya’s Biodiversity Conservation Farm

See the Google maps location here.

The Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm, Vandana Shiva's teaching farm, spreads across 52 acres, is situated between the Yamuna and the Ganga, the Himalayas and the Shivalik Range of India. The farm is a sanctuary of biodiversity, where more than 1500 varieties of seeds have been preserved. The farm attracts life of all forms, such as bees, birds, insects and microorganisms.

When Navdanya took over the farm in 1995, the farm’s soil was barren and degraded, the result of poor agricultural practices on former eucalyptus and sugarcane plantations. The soil has since been regenerated through the cultivation of crops, including 721 varieties of rice, 222 varieties of wheat, 90 types of millets, lentils, vegetables, oilseeds, spices and more.

The Navdanya Farm has grown from its original seed bank and office to include cattle sheds, a storage warehouse, a vermicompost unit, a medicinal plant garden, a soil laboratory, Bija Vidyapeeth (Earth University) [remove comma] and a large orchard with 9 varieties of mango. The farm uses the Navdanya methods of agroecology and organic farming, and it functions as a living system from which farmers, school groups, course participants and Bijaks can learn.

To learn more about the Navdanya’s Biodiversity Conservation Farm visit the website here.

Visa for travel to India

You will need to obtain a tourist visa to travel to India before you arrive in the country. We recommend you apply for your visa at least 6 weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for processing. 

To apply for a visa please visit this webpage. We recommend you apply for an online visa or “E-visa” if you are able.

Getting to the Venue

The event location, Navdanya's Biodiversity Conservation Farm, is located approximately 23 km from Dehradun City, which is around 250 km northeast of New Delhi in the Uttarakhand state. Please see the various options for travel to Dehradun below. Participants are responsible for their travel costs.

Fly into Dehradun’s closest airport Jolly Grant

The closest international airport to the venue is Jolly Grant Airport (DED), located 20 km from the Dehradun City Centre. You can book international flights into Jolly Grant. All international flights to Jolly Grant will be routed through the Delhi International Airport (DEL). After arriving in Jolly Grant airport you can take a cab directly to Navdanya Farm for around 1300-1500 Rupees ($19-22 USD). Please print these directions to Navdanya Farm for cab drivers.

Fly into New Delhi and take a train to Dehradun

Fly into the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in New Delhi and then take a 7 hour train to Dehradun. From the airport you can take a taxi or metro to the New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS). If possible we recommend you purchase your train tickets in advance. Here is a good article with tips on how to travel by train in India. 

From the New Delhi Railway Station you will take a 7-hour train to Dehradun (DDN).


If you will be driving to Navdanya Farm please see these directions.

Getting from Dehradun to Navdanya Farm

Once you are in Dehradun you can take a taxi or a bus to Navdanya Farm.

Taxi: Outside Dehradun Railway Station, there is a taxi stand about 100 yards on the left side. The taxi will charge 600 Rupees (daytime)/ 700 Rupees (night) (around $9USD).

Accommodation & Food

Regeneration International will offer shared rooms onsite at Navdanya’s Farm to the first 60 participants who register.

Accommodation on the farm will be in basic, shared rooms with access to shared bathrooms. Guests will be assigned a shared room based on age and gender.

Participants staying onsite will be offered a vegetarian meal for the following meals:  

     October 7: lunch and dinner

     October 8:  breakfast, lunch and dinner

     October 9: breakfast

Participants not staying onsite will be offered the following meals:

      October 7: lunch and dinner

      October 8: lunch and dinner

Participants who do not stay onsite at Navdanya’s Farm will need to reserve and pay for their own accommodation in Dehradun, located 23 kilometers from the farm. Please see a list of recommended hotels in Dehradun here.

You can easily take a taxi from Dehradun to Navdanya’s Farm for around $9 USD.


You will have access to wireless internet at the farm.

The phone number for Navdanya Farm is (Bija Vidyapeeth): +91 135 2693025; +91 135 2111015

Currency & foreign exchange

India’s currency is the Rupee (INR).

The Indian Rupee currently exchanges at 68.5 Rupee per $1 USD

We recommend you exchange money at the airport.

See a currency converter here.

Other things to consider

Let your bank or credit card company know you’re traveling. Banks and credit card companies often have fraud-monitoring systems that may interpret unusual card activity as potential fraud. When your bank detects a purchase come in from another country, it may decline the charge as a way to protect you. Setting a travel notice before departure lets your bank or credit card company know you’re in control of your cards, so you can use them worry-free.


Indian autumn weather is expected to be around highs of 89 F/ 31C and lows around 65F / 18C.

Please bring clothes for cooler nights and mornings. It is possible it will rain so please come prepared with a raincoat and/or umbrella and appropriate shoes.

We encourage you to also bring an organic bug repellent as there may be some mosquitos and or other pests.

Packing Essentials

Essentials for your visit to India:

✓ Copy of your passport. It is always good to have a copy of your passport in case your passport is lost! We recommend you bring one copy with you and leave a copy home.

✓ Comfortable walking shoes, preferably with ankle support, and an extra pair of comfortable shoes or sandals that provide stability.

✓ Layers of clothing for cooler evenings and mornings and warmer weather in the daytime.

✓ Hat and lightweight long-sleeved shirts to protect you from the sun

✓ Sunglasses

✓ Sandals to use in shared showers

✓ Biodegradable soaps and shampoos

✓ Organic bug repellent

✓ Organic sunscreen

✓ Earplugs (if you have trouble falling asleep when sharing a room)


If you have any issues while you are traveling or getting to Navdanya Farm please contact: Mr. Drona D Chetri @ +91 81918 02777 or Ms. Anugrah Bhatt @ +91 81918 02666

For questions regarding registration or travel preparation please contact Rachel Kastner rachel@regenerationinternational.org