Restoring Land Means Restoring Communities

Author: Alaina Spencer | Published: July 2018

Wood Turner, Senior Vice President of Agriculture Capital, believes we are at a pivotal time in food production: “We’re at a point where we are trying to produce so much food for so many people, that it’s absolutely critical that large producers and managers of large acreage move aggressively into responsible farming. By responsible, I mean I’m articulating a broad view that ranges anywhere from organic to sustainable to regenerative farming.”

Agriculture Capital is trying to expand responsible food production methods by investing in farmland and food processing to “build consumer driven, vertically integrated, appropriately scaled and regenerative businesses that support the planet and communities.” In his role, Turner focuses his time integrating and bringing to life the company’s various sustainability strategies to help find solutions to large-scale environmental problems through responsible and regenerative agriculture. Agriculture Capital will release their 2018 Impact Report later this summer to inspire “conversation around the regenerative management of land in permanent crop agriculture.”