Charles Massy Interview – A Look at Regenerative Agriculture

Published: August 9, 2018

It took a drought and some deep reflection to turn farmer and author Charles Massy from a conventional farmer to one of the leading thinkers in regenerative agriculture today. Here Charles is in conversation with local food activist Kate Walsh from Real Food Projects. 

Massy will talk at the Bangalow A&I Hall on August 14 from 6pm. Other speakers will be Sue Higginson and Charlie Arnott. Tickets available at and the Bungalow Newsagency.

1 How would you define regenerative agriculture? It can be confusing especially for those of use who aren’t farmers. How does it practically differ from organic?

Regenerative agriculture contests the industrial model in that it encompasses various types of farming that seek to enable natural systems and functions to not just be renewed but also to do the renewing: to allow self-organisation of natural systems back to healthy function.

In its original derivation, the verb ‘regenerate’ also has moral and ethical connotations. So I would say that organic farming is one of a range of practices that comprise regenerative agriculture: from holistic/ecological grazing, to agroforestry, biological cropping, pasture- and No-kill cropping; biodynamics and more.