Redefining Agricultural Production

Agricultural production used to be basically divided into two camps; conventional and organic. The two production styles have clear delineations and are pretty much exclusive of each other. Today the lines between these systems are being blurred as farmers are beginning to embrace sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices.

All of these different terms can be confusing. What do we mean by sustainable or regenerative agriculture? How much crossover is there between these production systems and others, including organic and conventional?

“There’s a lot of confusion on the part of farmers,” says Ananda Fitzsimmons, president of the board of directors of Regeneration Canada. “It’s really interesting that in the regenerative movement you see organic and non-organic farmers working together, which is really encouraging. That that hard line that can sometimes exist between organic and conventional seem to be breaking down somewhat in the regenerative space.”

Defining Organic

Let’s begin by defining “organic” production.