Stories of Agroecology and the Climate Crisis in Africa

“Stories of Agroecology and the Climate Crisis: Reports of Grassroots Innovations by Journalists From 14 African Countries”

The book brings together grassroots stories of good practices on agroecology and its overall benefits in attaining food security and a climate-resilient future in Africa, presenting agroecology as a viable way to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Through agroecology and food sovereignty perspectives, AFSA teamed with pan-African journalists from 14 African countries to depict the struggle, difficulties, hopes, and dreams of climate change adaptation in Africa.

They documented fascinating narratives about the enormous benefits of agroecology in protecting agricultural biodiversity, diversifying rural and urban livelihood options, and ensuring food security in the face of alarming biodiversity, climate, and hunger crises in Africa.

African countries have long suffered the brunt of climate change-related disasters, although contributing little to the cause. Africa’s ability to adapt to climate change heavily depends on its ability to transform the food and agricultural system into an environmentally sound, resilient, healthy, and sustainable sector.