What is the 2023 Farm Bill and What you Need to Know

The 2023 Farm Bill is the largest piece of packaged legislation in the U.S. government that funds the nation’s food and agricultural system, which impacts nearly every aspect of farmers’ lives and work, influencing what they produce, in what quantities, and the practices that they are able to implement on their lands. Thus, it impacts every American’s life as well.

The Farm Bill at present prioritizes conventional agriculture models first set in motion in the 1930s, allocating only 1% of the budget for educational, renewable, and regenerative solutions.

In this article, we’ll review the history and present-day of the Farm Bill, details on the proposed Farm Bill for 2023, and how Regenerate America™ aims to bring regenerative, equitable solutions – with healthy soil and farmers at the center – into new legislation. Renewed every 5-7 years, this upcoming 2023 Farm Bill will last through at least 2028.