Restoring The Water Cycle: Understanding The Basics And Taking Action

I am writing this on World Water Day, March 22nd. The UN’s tag line for today is ‘Be the change. Every drop counts.’ This is very true. If we are going to return water cycles everywhere to what they used to be, then it will start with each one of us understanding the basics of the water cycle and acting to support a healthy water cycle.

The action we need to take is not that complicated. The complexities lie in the wonderful way  in which Nature drives the water cycle, when the basics are in place. We do not fully understand these complexities, but we understand what we need to do.

Nearly everywhere around our African continent, water falls as rain, falling as snow in a few spots here and there. If that rainwater sinks into the ground, it is a productive force. If it runs off the ground it is a potentially destructive force.