Regenerative Organic Agriculture Improves Soil & Fights Inequity – See How This Farm Is Pioneering the Practice

An immediate feeling of warmth and enchantment came over me as I made my way through the mulberry and olive trees between the old farmhouse and the cobb wood-fired oven at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, California. I took in abundant flora wandering through the Children’s Center. It felt like a secret garden. This was the area where The Ecology Center was first established, a now 14-year-old edible food forest.

The Ecology Center’s mission is to serve the region as both a farm and educational center. They are pioneers in what’s called Regenerative Organic Agriculture (ROA). In short, ROA focuses on the long-term health of the land in lieu of short-term profits. It rejects many of industrial agriculture’s detrimental practices, which have led to a loss of genetic crop diversity, inequitable working conditions, and have contributed to climate change.