The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture: How Food Companies are Catalyzing Regenerative Farming Practices

Food companies have started to incorporate regenerative agriculture into their sustainability strategies and supply chains – it’s an important buzzword today for companies, but how are they defining it? And what are they doing to support farmers in the transition? I spoke with Daily Harvest – the plant-based meal delivery service – and Dr. Bronner’s, two companies that are leading their own regenerative agriculture projects, about how they’re derisking this transition for the farmers they source from.

Regenerative agriculture is a defining term for sustainability in our food system – while there is no one true definition of regenerative agriculture, the concept has been around for centuries, taking root in Indigenous growing practices. Regenerative approaches can bolster soil health and watershed health. They can also add to climate mitigation and potentially tie into regulatory or commercial incentives for a more sustainable diet.