Will Regenerative Agriculture Be the Hottest Trend in 2023?

You can try and ignore it all you want, hoping everything will return to normal. Still, it’s impossible to ignore that not only do we now live in volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times but it is now being said we are in the midst of a so-called ‘polycrisis.’

In the polycrisis the shocks are disparate, but they interact so that the whole is even more overwhelming than the sum of the parts.

In such dark and uncertain times, it is tempting to bury your head and double down on what you know best, but this could be the worst thing to do. VUCA times require resilient mindsets and bold, brave, resilient businesses.

There is one system that has proved to be resilient for millennia – nature. We can learn from nature’s incredible resilience and adopt the principles that have allowed her to thrive through catastrophic events and dramatic climatic changes.