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California Cotton Fields: Can Cotton be Climate Beneficial?

Cotton production in the United States is historically exploitative, and the crop’s regional relationships have proven taxing to California communities in the past. What we see now is an opportunity to pair global climate stabilization goals with statewide strides to improve water quality and efficiency, toward a local fiber economy invested in regenerating human and ecological health. It starts with exploring the practices, from soil to skin, that can change the course, and the flow of carbon, in California cotton fields.

How to Save the World: Turning a Big Negative into a Big Positive

When land is disturbed or degraded, however, much of that carbon leaves the soil and enters the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. f undisturbed or restored to health, however, soils not only continue to hold their carbon but can ‘soak up’ even more from the atmosphere (originating as carbon dioxide) which is very good news for fighting global warming.

Can Farmers and Ranchers Pull One Trillion Tons of Carbon Dioxide out of the Atmosphere?

The ability of farmers to store carbon dioxide in their soil is the most optimistic opportunity that we know about with regards to climate change. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it should be our only focus: We must reduce emissions and invest in other ways of pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, such as planting and preserving forests. Ultimately, the combination of these activities has the potential to not only reduce the damage that we are causing to our environment, but to reverse it.

Regeneration International y Regeneration Belize anuncian la 2da Conferencia anual de agricultura tropical



29 de octubre de 2019

BELMOPAN, Belice – Regeneration International y Regeneration Belize anunciaron hoy que la 2da Conferencia anual de agricultura tropical se llevará a cabo en los terrenos de la Feria Nacional de Agricultura y Comercio (NATS) en Belmopan, Belice, del 11 al 13 de noviembre de 2019.… Read more here