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Reginaldo y la Revolución de las Gallinas

Según Reginaldo para regenerar la ecología no se necesitan personas, sino comunidades enteras. El sistema de gallinas nos puede permitir: reorganizar la forma en que pequeños agricultores generan valor de sus tierras, regenerar la ecología, incentivar a nuevos agricultores, cimentar la seguridad alimentaria.

Farming Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis

Could changing our land use and agricultural practices make a dent in addressing climate change? Yes, says Project Drawdown and a new report from the IPCC.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report that highlights the importance of land use and agriculture in climate change.

We Can Stop the Climate Crisis

In a report published last week, the UN concluded that humans cannot stave off the effects of climate change without making drastic changes to the ways we grow food and use land. The answer is regenerative organic agriculture. And the time to implement it is now.