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Plant Sentience and the Impossible Burger

The choice about eating meat is a personal one. The real choice should be about minimizing the harm to all living things and doing our best to regenerate our environment. It means choosing to only eat foods that have come from humane, regenerative systems, preferably from our own local systems.

Agroecology as Innovation

Agroecological sciences offer just the kinds of innovations small-scale farmers need to increase soil fertility, raise productivity, improve food and nutrition security, and build climate resilience

The Green New Deal Wants Farmers to Restore the Land, Not Keep Wrecking It

Regenerative agriculture might sound at first like a subtle variation on organic. But if the term “organic” highlights what’s absent—no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides—”regenerative” goes a step further, advocating for practices like adaptive multi-paddock grazing, in which ruminants like cows and sheep are slowly rotated across a property, so they graze on and fertilize one section of the farm at a time while allowing the rest to naturally regrow and replenish.