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From Despair to Repair

I belong to an online climate discussion group that today asked three questions: what is the state of the movement, do we need climate change or system change, and do we need a meta-movement? Keying off the insights from the Earth Repair Conference, I wrote the following – and have added a post-script to include a week of research on the state of the movement for Earth Repair.

The Next Regeneration

While it’s not easy to restore degraded soil, that hasn’t stopped Dobson and other farmers from trying. He’s part of a worldwide “soil health revolution” with New York state at the forefront, according to a recent report by New York Soil Health. Some call the practice “carbon farming”; others know it as “regenerative agriculture.” Dobson likes to call it “real organic farming” because of his focus on building organic matter (58 percent carbon) in the soil. But the underpinning philosophy is more important to him than the name.

México: el secreto de un proyecto que restaura ecosistemas golpeados por la deforestación

Escuela de técnicas de agroecología trabaja en restaurar el sistema hídrico, los suelos, la biodiversidad y articular la economía local en un distrito de Guanajuato.
Alrededor de 200 familias campesinas de San Miguel de Allende se han beneficiado de los talleres y comienzan a aplicar lo aprendido. Hoy cuentan con nuevos espacios para vender sus productos orgánicos.

The Fate of Planet Earth Lies in the Hands of Just Two Generations, Warns Climate Columnist David Wallace-Wells

The burning of fossil fuels and chemical-intensive industrial agriculture are the main drivers of climate change.
The good news is that humans have the power to stop, and potentially reverse, climate change. The best solution to climate change is to harness the power of Mother Nature in the form of organic regenerative agriculture and the restoration of forests, peatlands, mangroves and other ecosystem habitats capable of drawing down and storing excess atmospheric carbon.