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Global Alliance for Organic Districts: Scaling Up Organic Agriculture

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of resilient local food systems that promote healthy people, environmental stewardship and a strong local economy. Lobbying governments around the world to adopt and support organic regenerative farming practices is paramount to establishing and maintaining local food systems and access to healthy food. Read more here

Trails of Regeneration: Agroforestry Works With Nature, Uses Trees to Grow Food

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – In our latest “Trails of Regeneration” episode, we explore the roots of agroforestry and how industrial agriculture has pushed aside ancient farming practices that produce healthy food while also caring for the environment. 

The old saying “nature knows best” rings true when it comes to agriculture.Read more here

Agro-Eco Filipinas ayuda a los agricultores filipinos a realizar la transición a prácticas regenerativas agroecológicas y orgánicas

DAVAO, FILIPINAS – Hace ya un año, Regeneration International (RI) firmó el pacto “Regeneración Filipinas”, un Memorando de Entendimiento entre la Liga Filipina de Municipios, Ciudades y Provincias Orgánicas (LOAMCP) y RI.

Hoy, un año después, tenemos la suerte de haber vuelto a contactar virtualmente con nuestros amigos en Filipinas, esta vez, mediante la incorporación de un nuevo socio de RI, Agro-Eco Filipinas (AEP), una organización que se dedica a “construir comunidades agrícolas resilientes y economías sostenibles”.Read more here

Agro-Eco Philippines Helps Transition Filipino Farmers to Agroecological and Organic Regenerative Practices

DAVAO, PHILIPPINES – Nearly one year ago today, Regeneration International (RI) signed the “Regeneration Philippines” pact, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Filipino League of Organic Municipalities Cities and Provinces (LOAMCP) and RI. 

Fast forward to today and we are blessed to have reconnected virtually with our friends in the Philippines, this time, through the addition of a new RI partner, Agro-Eco Philippines (AEP), an organization dedicated to “building resilient farming communities and sustainable economies.”Read more here

Perspectives from Chad, Africa: COVID-19, Climate Change and Indigenous Knowledge

REPUBLIC OF CHAD, Africa – While COVID-19 has forced most of the world into lockdown, we are fortunate to report that our “Trails of Regeneration” video series is alive and well. Over the last few months we’ve focused on reporting the effects of the pandemic on farmers and ranchers and indigenous peoples from around the world. Read more here

Activists Share Powerful Stories at Bangkok Climate Meeting

Days before the United Nations COP25 Climate Summit, Regeneration International took part in “The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change,” held at the UN building in Bangkok. The event gathered young environmental activists who came together with one common message: “If we want to reverse the current climate catastrophe, we must reconnect with nature.”

En suelo dorado: Regeneration International se asocia con el proyecto de Myanmar Golden Ground para ayudar a los agricultores a cultivar sin químicos

Golden Ground, uno de los pocos centros de capacitación orgánica de Myanmar, movilizó a cientos de agricultores para asistir a un taller de manejo de plagas y malezas dirigido por Andre Leu, Director Internacional de RI, y el Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería e Irrigación también asistió con docenas de estudiantes y algunos de sus mejores agrónomos.