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토양 탄소 회복: 생물학은 효과가 있는가?

최근 과학 및 정부 집단에서 온실가스 배출과 이로 인해 야기되는 극단적인 계절 현상을 어떻게 대처할 것인지에 대한 집중적인 토론이 이루어지고 있습니다. 많은 분석가들은 대기 중 탄소가 더 증가하지 않도록 우리가 화석 연료 사용을 반드시 중지해야 한다고 믿습니다. 또한, 우리가 더 많은 극단적인 계절 현상 및 이러한 현상이 가져오는 사회적 갈등, 경제적 단절과 연계된 인류의 비극을 줄이길 원한다면, 이미 공기 중에 존재하는 이산화탄소를 제거해야 한다고 주장합니다.

Could Cows and Sheep Halt Climate Change and Tackle Rural Poverty?

Holistic management, with its counterintuitive claim that more, rather than fewer, cattle can improve the land, has been around for decades – a kind of perennial cattleman’s quarrel, and a thorn in the hide of ranchers and anti-ranchers alike. The use of livestock as a tool for restoration has been scoffed at by scientists, reviled by vegetarians and those who blame cows for climate change, and a flashpoint for tension over how to conserve land in the American West.

A 12 Step Program to Stopping Drought and Desertification

The US Drought Monitor reports that 88 percent of this year’s corn crop and 77 percent of the soybean crop are now affected by the most severe drought since 1988. In response the Worldwatch Institute launched a 12 step guide to combatting drought and desertification. These tips can be used by policy makers around the world and in dry climates in the Middle East. Read on for the list.

Restauración del Carbono en el Suelo: ¿Puede la Biologia hacer el trabajo?

A great deal of discussion in scientific and governmental circles has been focused recently on how to deal with greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting weather extremes they have created. Most analysts believe we must stop burning fossil fuels to prevent further increases in atmospheric carbon, and find ways to remove carbon already in the air if we want to lessen further weather crises and the associated human tragedies, economic disruption and social conflict that they bring.

Video: topraklarının konuşalım

Bu animasyon filmi bozulması, şehirleşme, arazi kapma ve aşırı tüketim konularını kapsayan, dünyadaki toprak kaynaklarının gerçeği anlatır; Film bizim topraklar daha sürdürülebilir yönetmek yol yapmak için seçenekler sunar.