Climate Listening Project: We don’t want to just survive, we want to be successful

This video featuring farmer Bob Quinn of Quinn Organic Farm and Kamut International is part of a the Cultivating Resilience Video Series.

About the Cultivating Resilience Video Series

In May 2015, Laura Lengnick teamed up with producer Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project and film maker Andrea Desky of K23 Media to create a series of video shorts that teach about agricultural resilience through the adaptation stories of some of the farmers and ranchers featured in Laura’s new book, Resilient Agriculture. We released the first of six planned videos in the Cultivating Resilience series – the Southeast – in September 2015. We have started on the second video which will feature Resilient Agriculture farmers and ranchers in the Northern Great Plains region, but we have run out of funding. We are actively seeking financial support to continue the series. Can you help?