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2023 Soilcraft Regenerative Agriculture Conference

January 16 - January 17

What will you learn?

Join us to explore advanced management concepts through a biological paradigm. We will have speakers discussing question like:

• Why do certain pests attack one field and not another even though they are adjacent?

• What is the purpose of these organisms, insects, bacteria, fungi, nematodes etc?

• What do specific individual trace elements do in plants? Ie Iodine, Nickel, Cobalt, Moly…

• Are there alternatives to fungicides and fumigants?

• How do we know what the ideal levels of elements “should be” in our various crops?

• Where do I start?

• What provides the best ROI and?

• What rules the economy of the soil?

We will also offer principle presentations to help simplify the overcomplicated processes that keep us feeling like something is missing!


  • Help you view your farm through a regenerative paradigm.
  • Teach you how to implement regenerative practices on your farm.
  • Meet others that are involved with Regenerative Agronomy.
  • Teach you the importance of using biology to gain healthier more profitable crops.
  • Share successes and failures with others.


Zillah, WA, United States


Zillah, WA, United States