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For Eaters and Farmers: Farming for Soil Health, Clean Water, and Climate Resilience


Whether you a) eat food, b) farm “conventionally”, or c) farm “organically,” this is an evening for you. After all, if you could improve soil health, protect water, and help address climate change through the way you ate or the way you farmed, wouldn’t that be a pretty enticing opportunity? Farmers are finding, and the science is backing them up, that certain farming practices protect water and improve soil health, increasing the resilience of their crops… while at the same time increasing carbon storage in the soil. George Boody, Science and Special Projects Leader at Land Stewardship Project, will talk about how farmers are adopting these regenerative systems, which include planting perennial crops and cover crops, using longer crop rotations, and reintegrating livestock on the land with managed rotational grazing. George will discuss the kinds of changes in markets and public policies that will be needed to implement such practices on a wide scale. The evening will include time for questions and discussion.

This talk is cosponsored by the St. Croix River Association and Land Stewardship Project. Thank you!