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Online Course – Foundations of Regenerative Organizations


Today’s most forward-thinking leaders and organizations are recognizing that in order to truly achieve their mission and desired impact in today’s complex world, they need to not only innovate their products and services, but also radically redesign how they structure and manage their organizations. They recognize that the traditional hierarchical, technical, and industrial model of organizations is not only failing to serve employees, it’s also extracting from them, their communities, and the planet. As a result, organizations are not as productive or resilient as anyone wishes.

nRhythm’s online course will introduce you to a radically different framework for organizational design and management based on a holistic, living systems approach. The course will introduce you to nRhythm’s Regenerative Frameworkwhich focuses on nurturing the underlying health of your organization to create conditions for thriving people, unlimited potential, abundance, and resilience to be recurring, emergent outcomes. You will not only gain a theoretical foundation of living systems, but you will also obtain practical tools to operationalize the framework in your organization, network, or community. (See below for more details).