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Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture for Farmers

June 8

Ever wanted to know what it is that makes plants grow strong and in drought?

• Want to know how to convert consolidated soil into friable top soil that doesn’t saturate?

• Like to know how to create the most beneficial environment for crops/stock on your farm?


On this course, lead by Niels Corfield, you will:

• Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture and soil health on cropping and mixed farming operations

• Learn how to monitor soil/pasture on your farm.

• Be introduced to new ways of thinking about the “farming problem”.



All power point slides

Course handout and principles sheets



• Improving soil health / pasture health

• Improving drainage and water holding on your land

• Growing more and better forage/crops

• Reducing reliance on external inputs or contractor services

• Identifying opportunities for out-wintering & season extension

• Getting feedback on-farm: monitoring & data, on-farm trials

• Skills training on using Soilmentor and carrying-out basic tests



Regenerative Agriculture – The Broader Context

• The imperative

• 4 Ecosystem Processes

Empirical case for good soil management

• How different strategies affect soil structure

• Reducing grade-outs and crop failures

• Minimising moisture stress

Defining soil health

• How it’s articulated and how to measure it

Soil Health Principles

• What they are & the processes that underpin them

• Empirical evidence of their application on farm

Evidencing soil health

• Aggregation, spade tests, visual soil inspection

Aggregation and crumb structure

• What creates it, and how to maximise

Nutrient Cycling

• Fostering nitrogen fixation for all crops

One Key Insight

• Microbes Matter


Who is this Training Suitable for?

• Farmers, arable growers & agronomists

• Graziers, herdsmen & shepherds

• Vets and veterinary trainees/students

• Landowners

• Farm & estate managers

• New entrants

• Ecologists & advisors