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Soil Health and Regenerative Farming

November 29

• Want to know what it is that makes crops grow strong and in drought?

• Want to know how to create friable top soil that doesn’t saturate, or slump?

• Like to know how to create the most beneficial environment for crops/stock on your farm?


On this course, lead by Niels Corfield, you will:

• Learn the whys and wherefores of regenerative agriculture and soil health on cropping and mixed farming operations

• Learn how to monitor soil/pasture on your farm.

• Be introduced to new ways of thinking about the “farming problem”.



All power point slides

Course handout and principles sheets



• Improving soil health / pasture health

• Beating drought- improving drainage and water holding on your land

• Growing more and better forage/crops

• Reducing reliance on external inputs or contractor services

• Identifying opportunities for out-wintering & season extension

• Getting feedback on-farm: monitoring & data, on-farm trials

• Skills training on using Soilmentor and carrying-out basic tests



Regenerative Agriculture – The Broader Context

• The imperative

• 4 Ecosystem Processes

Empirical case for good soil management

• How different strategies affect soil structure

• Reducing grade-outs and crop failures

• Minimising moisture stress

Defining soil health

• How it’s articulated and how to measure it

Soil Health Principles

• What they are & the processes that underpin them

• Empirical evidence of their application on farm

Evidencing soil health

• Aggregation, spade tests, visual soil inspection

Aggregation and crumb structure

• What creates it, and how to maximise

Nutrient Cycling

• Fostering nitrogen fixation for all crops

One Key Insight

• Microbes Matter


Who is this Training Suitable for?

• Farmers, arable growers & agronomists

• Graziers, herdsmen & shepherds

• Vets and veterinary trainees/students

• Landowners

• Farm & estate managers

• New entrants

• Ecologists & advisors


Lunch is Provided

Please inform us of dietary requirements.



Discounts Codes

Available for: PFLA, NFU & Farm Cluster Members


About the Venue

Eves Hill Farm is a family run mixed arable and grassland farm of nearly 400 acres.

We, the Buxton family, have been farming at Eves Hill since 1960 with Jeremy Buxton the third generation to be running the farm, in partnership with parents, Robert and Rita.

Eves Hill Farm has a long history of cattle farming. Today, we are breeders of fine native pedigree poll Hereford cattle, complemented by a commercial suckler herd. We also grow spring barley, winter wheat and oil seed rape.

Eves Hill is managed under the High Level Stewardship (HLS) scheme. Over the past few years, we have planted miles of hedgerows, new woodlands and hundreds of native trees. Field margins have been established with wild flowers to attract insects, especially pollinators like bees and butterflies. This has created new and diverse habitats, preserved the local landscape and made a wonderful environment to farm and for our Hereford herd to live in.


Niels Corfield Biog

Niels Corfield has been working to deliver truly sustainable food and farming systems for more than 15 years. He is a researcher, adviser, educator, designer and tree nurseryman.

He has 12 years’ experience teaching adults and is formally trained in Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture Design.

On a mission to create regenerative landscapes and farms in the UK and Europe, Niels focuses on agroecological systems that are low maintenance yet productive.

His clients include:

Southanan Estate,

Fir Farm,

Fosse Tillery Farm,

Devon Wildlife Trust,

Anglian Water,

High Weald AONB,

Catchment Sensitive Farming,

Soil Association Scotland.