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Webinar – Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Canadian Agriculture

April 27

Canada has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero by 2050 which will require deep decarbonization in all sectors, including agriculture. Agriculture is responsible for approximately 10% of Canada’s emissions. This panel discussion explores agriculture and its emissions in Canada and specifically western Canada, and what the emission reduction policies and practices might look like. Drs. Ymène Fouli and Roland Kroebel search for GHG emission estimates for Canada’s major agricultural products and review the global context for these figures.

Ymène Fouli, Environmental Soil Scientist, Independent Consultant

Dr. Ymène Fouli (PhD) grew up in Tunisia where she studied geology and environmental engineering, and later attended graduate school in Scotland and in the USA where she taught and conducted research in soil science. She continued with research in nutrient management and animal farming in Maryland and Saskatchewan, and later joined a consulting firm in Alberta as an environmental scientist and project manager. She currently consults independently on water and soil quality, watershed management, and climate change.

Roland Kroebel, Research Scientist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Dr. Roland Kröebel (PhD) hails from Germany. He has a BSc in Organic Farming, switched direction to Environmental Systems Analysis for his MSc, only to return to agriculture with his PhD which focused on simulating greenhouse gas emissions. Since then he has been leading the Holos model science program, a software application that is developed for Canadian farmers to test the influence of their management choices on their farm’s greenhouse gas budget.