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Webinar – New technologies to manage food ecosystems

July 4


The goal of the summer school is to provide students with a strong entrepreneurial and managerial propensity to control complex ecosystems of the food chain by applying new technologies with knowledge and expertise. The more specific objectives of the summer school are:

  • Introduce participants to entrepreneurial methods and tools to develop new businesses participating in complex food and agri-food chains;
  • Providing information and experience on resource management and leadership of complex teams in the food sector;
  • Introduce state-of-the-art methodologies and tools, including digital tools, to address the challenges of food ecosystems and the production of healthy and environmentally friendly food according to the criteria of circular economy and green transport;
  • Introduce the principles of the circular economy applicable to agricultural production, industry, packaging and retail;
  • Provide detailed information on how to apply the progress of Technology Readiness Level (TRL 1 – 9) and the social responsibility balance sheet in food enterprises;
  • Disseminate and raise awareness among future entrepreneurs in the use of new generation computer tools (digital twins) for the management, control and maintenance of food ecosystems.

This activity is aimed at university students (Bachelor, PHD, Post Doctoral) . Given the strategic importance of engaging a diverse audience, our activity will target individuals from all university faculties.

Students will be recruited from RIS countries (Regional Innovation Scheme) , to ensure that our activity has representatives from countries, providing different perspectives and points of view on the topics covered. By bringing together people from countries with different food-related problems/challenges, we are promoting a diversity of thoughts and points of view, enriching the activity for all involved.


Online event


Online event