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Webinar – Planned Disturbance: Creating the Conditions for Health


Society is in a predicament. We struggle to address complex problems from dwindling natural resources to societal inequities while expecting that the current institutional structures will create different outcomes. However, we have no evidence that our current designs can deliver different results. Some of our current strategies have focused on leveraging the global financial markets as a mechanism to grow out of the problem and developing new technologies that will provide a quick fix. Neither one of these approaches are addressing the underlying issues seen in our complex natural and social systems.

How do we design solutions to address the underlying systematic issues?

On this live, free webinar, using living systems design as an approach, we will explore the power of intentional institutional (organizational) disturbance to create the conditions for systemic health and regenerate the potential within teams. No matter your context, this webinar will provide insight into designing disturbance structures and tools that will provide insight into your living organizational system whether this is for a small team or a large multi-stakeholder project.