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Webinar – Regenerative Agriculture: the Science and Sustainability


Learn more about the science and sustainability of regenerative agricultural and what it means for your everyday purchasing decisions.

What if raising livestock was part of the solution to help mitigate climate change and not part of the problem?

It’s no secret that industrial animal agriculture is a disaster for the planet and cows raised for beef are particularly problematic. So what if there was another way?

Grant Hilliard from Feather and Bone will MC a 90 min panel discussion with three livestock and agricultural farmers in NSW and Victoria to explore why they believe regenerative agriculture is the way forward and a positive step for the environment.

Guest Farmers

The aim of this talk is to better understand a different way of farming, how this impacts the land, what it means for your everyday purchasing decisions and how it may impact the ‘all meat is bad’ debate.

Whether you are a committed vegetarian or vegan, making a conscious choice to eat less meat or still a regular meat eater, you are going to want to hear the innovative and potentially ‘game changing’ work these farmers are doing.