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Webinar – Soil Science


Join Rosemary Wotske from Poplar Bluff Organics to chat about soil health and how it effects the food you eat.

Soil Science

Let’s chat soil! Healthy soils are key to essential ecological processes in farming. Rosemary will get you curious about soil, what healthy soils can do for you and the planet, and bring you into the movement of improving soils.

About the Presenter

Rosemary has a BSc in Biology, interests in biochemistry and physiology, and a MSc in plant genetics. Rosemary has been growing fruit and veg for more than 35 years. She started when organic was not fashionable, only hippies (and who knows what they were smoking) did that and is an active member in one of the first organic certification bodies in the area.

Rosemary is a firm believer in life long learning – as our boundaries of knowledge advance so do our farming practices. While living in Pakistan, the USSR and travelling extensively, she noticed that the more basic the farming practices were, i.e. the model of mixed farming, the better than the food tasted. When she started farming, Rosemary set out to imitate what she had seen done in other countries and was thrilled to find that it produced superior food Canada as well.