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Webinar – The Future Climate: Regenerative Agriculture for a Climate-Safe Future


Join us as we learn about the potential of regenerative ranching to sequester carbon and combat climate change.

Many people understand the connection between greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and the climate crisis. However, few are familiar with the vast potential for carbon sequestration in our soils. Healthy soils are a critical component of achieving our urgent climate goals and increased resilience to climate-driven extremes like drought, heat, and floods. Carbon sequestration is the process of removing CO2 from the atmosphere and converting it to plant material or soil organic matter.

This approach provides multiple benefits to human communities, wildlife, ecosystems, and the climate. Regenerative ranching can cost-effectively reduce fire-prone vegetation while also helping to build soil organic matter, reduce soil compaction, and improve land fertility. It can also improve healthy water cycle functioning and support beneficial populations of native plants, songbirds, pollinators, and other wildlife.

Join us on Thursday, December 10th as we learn from Torri Estrada the Executive Director and Director of Policy of Carbon Cycle Institute, and Wendy Millet, the Ranch Director of TomKat Ranch where we will break down the principles behind carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture and discuss the policy opportunities and myriad of beneficial possibilities carbon sequestration can have on climate impacts, water, biodiversity, and local food.