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Women Smallholders Will Drive Africa’s Transition to Regenerative Agriculture

An estimated 140 million people in Africa are facing acute food insecurity[1], yet, in Kenya alone, 50% of all productive soil is badly degraded. Worse still, because of record droughts, half of Kenyan farmers have harvested nothing in the last four seasons.

Regenerative agriculture techniques offer the world’s poorest farmers a lifeline, restoring soils and boosting yields and incomes – while at the same time sequestering carbon emissions. 80% of Kenyan farmers are women, which is why, to regenerate landscapes at scale, women must drive the change towards regenerative farming.

What do we mean by regenerative agriculture?

More carbon resides in soil than in the atmosphere and all plant life combined (IPPC). Increasingly, businesses are looking at how regenerative agriculture can help them to achieve their carbon reduction goals under SDG13. But what does the term really mean?

‘Regenerative agriculture’ covers a wide spectrum of approaches, but put simply, it’s a method of farming that rebuilds organic soil matter and restores biodiversity – while sequestering dangerous carbon emissions.