Mongabay’s What-To-Watch list for February 2023

How are industrial agriculture and farms impacting local communities in different parts of the world? Mongabay’s features writer Ashoka Mukpo interviewed community members who work in Liberia’s rubber plantations and found that the plantations and owners are polluting their water, desecrating sacred areas where they worshipped in the forest, and sexually abusing female workers. In southern Chile, the salmon industry is expanding through the fjords of the Indigenous Kawésqar National Reserve, harming the fragile ecosystem of their ancestral territory.

Climate change is another challenge that communities dependant on agriculture are facing increasingly. Unseasonal or high intensity rainfall has damaged crops across India over the past few years. A large number of landless farmers have suffered the most. For the Xingu Indigenous Territory in Brazilian Amazon, the climate crisis has left the forests drier and more flammable.