Why is regenerative agriculture a climate change solution? How can you practice regenerative agriculture in your backyard? How can you join the movement? This hand-picked set of resources will help you dig deeper into regenerative food, farming and land use.

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Introductory Videos

Dr. David C. Johnson, molecular biologist and research scientist at the University of New Mexico, has developed a system that brings lifeless soils back to life by reintroducing beneficial microorganisms to the soil with biologically enhanced compost.

The Johnson-Su composting method creates compost teeming with microorganisms that improve soil health and plant growth and increase the soil's potential to sequester carbon. This simple composting method produces a biologically enhanced compost by creating an environment where beneficial soil microorganisms and thrive and multiply. When this biologically alive compost is applied to the soil the microorganisms inoculate the soil and work in harmony with growing plants to improve soil health and increase the amount of carbon drawn out of the atmosphere and into the soil.

Johnson-Su Compost Bioreactor

A compilation of resources that reflects the latest and best information on regenerative agriculture and land use practices, especially as they relate to carbon sequestration and climate change.

Annotated Bibliography

An aggregation of all reports and journal articles aggregated by Regeneration International.

The Science

A collection of courses, recorded webinars, podcasts, and songs on regenerative agriculture and related topics.

Podcasts & Online Courses

A collection of infographics and posters on regenerative agriculture and related topics.

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Links on regenerative agriculture and related topics.

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Printable educational resources on regenerative food, farming and land management.

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