Phytonutrients in Meat and the Nutritional Difference Between Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed

Dr. Stephan van Vliet joins Chris on Revolution Health Radio to discuss his emerging research on the nutrient profiles of beef raised by various farming methods, including grass-fed grazing, grain-fed, and grain-finished. Dr. van Vliet explains how the nutrient profiles differ between grass-fed and grain-fed cattle, particularly with regard to omega-6 to omega-3 ratios and phytonutrients, what this cutting-edge research means for human health and nutrient density, and how this emerging evidence supports a shift toward more sustainable agriculture.

In this episode, we discuss:

How different grazing practices affect the nutritional composition of meat

The relationship between agricultural sustainability and the nutrient density of meats

The results of Dr. van Vliet’s work in the Beef Nutrient Density Project, which studies the relationship between farming methods and the omega-6 to omega-3 ratios of meat

The types of nutrients that are diminished in feedlot beef vs. grass-fed beef

Whether it is possible to consume phytonutrients, secondary plant compounds, in any significant amount from beef

Factors affecting the ability of the body to absorb phytonutrients from animal sources and what that means for people on carnivorous or vegan diets

How the principles of food synergy and nutritionism demonstrate the body’s preference for nutrients from whole foods

The state of Dr. van Vliet’s research in this field and where it is headed