Activists Warn Post-COP28 Japan-ASEAN Summit Will Be Full of Greenwashing and Dangerous Distractions

The dust has barely settled following COP28’s historic agreement which sent a long overdue signal on the end of the fossil fuel era.

“After decades of evasion, COP28 finally cast a glaring spotlight on the real culprits of the climate crisis: fossil fuels. A long-overdue direction to move away from coal, oil, and gas has been set,” said Harjeet Singh, Head of Global Political Strategy at Climate Action Network International. “Yet, the resolution is marred by loopholes that offer the fossil fuel industry numerous escape routes, relying on unproven, unsafe technologies.”

The glaring loopholes in the COP28 agreement which activists say will allow the expansion and continued use of fossil fuels will likely be fully exploited this coming weekend as the embattled Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, embroiled in a corruption scandal, prepares to host Asia Pacific leaders for the ASEAN-Japan 50th anniversary commemorative summit and Asia Zero Emissions Community Summit in Tokyo.